Monday, December 8, 2008

KT's Syllabus Project Final 2008

I am doing a syllabus designed for ENC 3310 (article and essay) in which I will be teaching students about digital media and literacy. The two will be co-topics interwoven together as well as separate for readings, assignments, and discussions. The wordle above includes the key terms we will be exploring and which by the end of the semester the students should be able to define and understand (or at least come to some conclusion about them). Assignments will include both reading and composing on-line and in print. Some examples are blogs, digital journal, digital essay, powerpoint, paint, scrap box journal and more. Readings will include some excerpts form books we have read this semester (Jenkins, Bolter and Grusin, the network culture piece) as well as articles specifically targeting litearcy. The goal will be for students to learn that literacy is no longer simply tied to only definitions of reading and writing and that digital media is now a part of how literacy's definition.

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Brittney said...

KT, that's nice. Well, I'm thinking about how media influences the decisions made while composing and delivering. At the momment I think this will be a 1101 class. Thinking about remixing and repurposing, one assignment will ask students to deliver through 3 different mediums: print, oral and digital. How might students make decisions about what should be added or taken out while repurposing a text for the medium, or remixing the text for audience. I took from the folders, multimodal composition, and WOVE is very intriguing. I want to incorporate the componenets of Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic. I have other creative assignments, but I must find a solid focus to make sure they can be added successfully with the reading material: Bolter and Grusin and readings from a multimodal textbook.

Other assignment worth considering
*Composing in print: Short Story
*Delivery: Sitcom 15 min
Using the components of WOVE

Name: A Real Chance at Candy Land
Time: 9pm
Channel: 35 VH1
Audience: Men
Commercials: *

Considering genre, audience, and language as means of invention and delivery.
Delivered through digital medium or performance using the digital medium as a foreshadow.